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ISO 10002 Certification in India

ISO 10002 certification in India is gaining more attraction towards the organization to enhance customer satisfaction by handling complaints in a smart way. India is a vast country of South Asia. It is 7th largest country by area and second populous country and the biggest democracy in the world. With its GDP growth, India is one of the world’s fastest growing economics. It is expected to be an highly growing economic giant in the near future.


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Industries are revolutionizing every day. Major industries include textiles, telecommunications, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food processing, steel, transport equipment, cement, mining, petroleum, machinery, and software. With its fast growing economy and technology, ISO 10002 certification in India is one of the most sought after standard these days among the organizations.

What standard is all about?

ISO 10002 as a latest version ISO 10002:2014 is an international standard developed and published by International organisation for standardization (ISO). It what students on the process of complaints handling related to Products within an organisation, including planning and design Corporation, maintenance and improvement. ISO 10002 certification in India will better implement the standard. It adopts quality management system to enhance the customer satisfaction. The standard not only helps in handling the customer complaints but also helps in converting the customer complaints as an opportunity to improve the quality of the service. ISO 10002 consultant in India is the right choice. If the organisation is considering the complaints of the customers as an opportunity, then it as a wide range to identify the loopholes and shortcomings of the service provided to the customer which can be improved eventually. The standard is conceived in a such a way that it can be used by any organisation respective of its size and nature of business point in fact the design of the standard is intended for the use of small scale Enterprises and sectors. ISO 10002 consultant service in India will provide you with the required solution. Annex A of the standard provides guidance specifically for small businesses.

How to implement?

Clauses of ISO 10002:

  1. Scope
  2. Normative reference
  3. Terms and definitions
  4. Guiding principles
  5. Framework for Complaints handling
  6. Planning and design
  7. Operations of complaint handling process
  8. Maintenance and improvement

These are the clauses which can be used to implement standard with the help of ISO 10002 consulting service in India. to effectively ensure customer satisfaction through quality management.

Important factors of implementation:

  • Top management commitment is a basic requirement for successful implementation of the standard. ISO 10002 certification audit in India will ensure the commitment of senior management.
  • Employees, stakeholders and all other interested parties of the organization should be educated about the standard by providing awareness training
  • Aligning the existing management system with the requirements of the standard
  • Getting feedback from the customer regarding complain handling will help in getting the loopholes and improving with the same. ISO 10002 audit in India is the right choice.
  • Assemble a team responsible to implement, control and maintain the requirements of ISO 10002 standard
  • Define scope of the project completion which should include the time frame
  • Define roles and responsibilities of the team and employees

Customers always tend towards the organisation providing full end satisfaction and a proper solution to their problems. ISO 10002 certification in India can help your organization to achieve certification. This is why all the competition in the market is aiming for customer satisfaction. ISO 10002 implemented to an organization will lead the way to successfully achieve customer satisfaction.

Benefits of ISO 10002 Certification in India:

  • Imports guidance for establishing a Framework for effective complaint handling
  • Increased customer confidence
  • Achieving full customer satisfaction
  • Increased Brand value and recognition
  • Cost of ISO 10002 certification in India increases the credibility of the company
  • Good Competitive advantage in the marketplace
  • Enhancement of operating efficiency
  • Ensuring the commitment of top management
  • ISO 10002 certification in India helps Building strong customer relationship
  • Better approach for Continual improvement
  • It can be aligned with ISO 9001 to adopt quality management system with the help of ISO 10002 audit service in India which is the basic factor for customer satisfaction

One should readily choose to opt for adopting the standard considering its benefits.

How to get ISO 10002 Certification in India?

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