BIFMA Certification

BIFMA Certification

BIFMA Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association established in 1973, is the not-for-profit trade association developed by a joint panel of BIFMA by Unison process depicted by AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARD INSTITUTE (ANSI). BIFMA Certification is an intentional norm for business and institutional furniture makers to oversee and foster the furniture business.

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To hold your office furniture for a large number of years with next to no mileage getting BIFMA Certification for your association to build the timeframe of realistic usability of your furniture. It is by and large drawn in to lead, plan, create, advocate, exhort and make models for the workplace and institutional furniture industry. The reliability and sturdiness of office furniture keep workplaces running. BIFMA Certification tends to numerous things like Safety, Sustainability and social obligation, Durability and strength, Recyclability and reused content, Chemical substance and emanations, Reliability, Overall quality, Flammability, and electrical parts, Material, and energy proficiency, earth cognizant plan, Waste and water the executives.

Presently, BIFMA accreditation is acknowledged as the boundary of furniture quality and security that gives a solid gathering to accomplish more prominent manageability credits. Makers who get the level certification mark are confirming that their arrangements and rules of giving the furniture world apply to BIFMA plans. A willful normalization of supportable furnishings and parts are meeting the severe necessities of the BIFMA Certification services. Associations can pick the degree of standard of BIFMA. By creating a predictable enhancement for their item an association can likewise move their item to a more elevated level of conformance.

Focuses procured under every one of these classes decide the degree of certificate acquired:

Level 1. The principal level of ensured show

Level 2. Extra achievements of show accomplished

Level 3. The most elevated level of show recognized

Benefits of BIFMA Certification

  • BIFMA Certification advantages to an association other than security, for example,
  • Organizations see authorized certification as providing value for money
  • Surpasses least guidelines of value according to BIFMA Conformance
  • BIFMA guidelines guarantee that the furniture won't devastatingly come up short
  • Giving affirmation to the quality
  • Accomplish International approval
  • Deliver value-added outcomes
  • Driving autonomous statistical surveying organization
  • Businesses frequently require proof that the Certificate that they have gotten is from an Accredited Body
  • Appreciate Competitor Edge

Fundamental Elements of BIFMA Sustainability Criteria

Materials: Material and typical resource considerations, for instance, the thing setup process or the capable usage of materials are would in general in this class. Rule parts of the materials could involve reused content or rapidly supportable, bio-based, and climate fair characteristics. Water and waste organization, packaging and thing life cycle influences are moreover huge in this section.

Energy and Atmosphere: Energy and ecological considerations, for instance, setting up an energy system are spread out around here of impact. Alternate points of view consolidate energy and ozone-exhausting substance audits, the reduction of energy influences, supportable power use and mature, thin typified energy, and ozone hurting substance declaring.

Human and Ecosystem Health: Effects on both human prosperity and the standard climate coming about due to intensify constituents used in furniture things, creation processes, and the errands and backing of workplaces are kept an eye on in this arrangement, BIFMA Consultant Certification

Social Responsibility: The leader's practice expected to avoid, distinguish or respond to threats to agent and neighborhood and security is the important point of convergence of this fragment. Credits will be allowed for exhaustiveness, incredible corporate citizenship, neighborhood, and giving these practices into the store organization.

Requirements for BIFMA Certification

  1. Tested industries' furniture needs to meet certain minimum requirements to conform to BIFMA Cost
  2. Reason for evaluating Products as indicated by BIFMA Standard
  3. Guarantee effective conformance with the Standard
  4. Directing testing of the Products
  5. Guarantee productive utilization of Materials
  6. Utilization of Energy and barometrical contemplations
  7. Suitable synthetic constituents utilized in Furniture
  8. Guarantee tasks and support of offices utilized
  9. Plan Product Conformance documents
  10. Conduct Internal Audit

Our Advice

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Conduct Gap Analysis to find any Shortcomings from the standard requirements.


Policies, procedures, Work Instructions, Evidences, Records, Training


Conduct frequent internal audit and management review meeting.


Apply corrective actions on the identified root cause or shortcomings






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Tender Eligibility

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