GMP Certification

GMP Certification

GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice, and the term is used globally to manage the control and management of pharmaceutical manufacturing, testing, and overall quality. It defines certain guidelines that discuss the quality assurance approach. GMP certification ensures that products are produced in accordance with quality standards.

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GMP requirements are not unusual in any way; rather, they are open-ended and simple to implement. Furthermore, these requirements allow the manufacturer to decide how to efficiently implement the necessary controls.

GMP Certification Prerequisites

Manufacturing facility design, equipment and machinery design, procedures and operating principles, and environmental conditions must all be controlled.

Manufacturing practices and processes, such as health and safety, maintenance, and so on, must be clearly defined, validated, and controlled to ensure consistency and compliance with specifications.

  • Operators should be aware, trained, and competent to carry out production, QA/QC, Logistics, Factory Management, and product control throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Records should be kept for manufacturing, quality control, and logistics, demonstrating that all steps required by the defined procedures and instructions have been taken.
  • According to regulatory requirements, records should be kept for 5 to 10 years.
  • Supply or sale.

Process of  GMP  Certification 


This is the first step in obtaining GMP certification; the application requests some basic company information. The application must be accepted by the certification authority, and all data must be recorded or maintained in the GMP database.

Application Assessment

The application will be reviewed by the panel to ensure that the consistency requirement has been met.

Analysis and Agreement

After the document audit, provide the value citation to carry out the Gap Analysis to cover all the provisions and areas of the quality rules. The Gap Analysis is used to assess how well an organization's tasks have been organized and completed.

Examining the paperwork

Examine the organization's documentation to ensure that it meets the compliance requirement.


Perform an audit

Determine the consistency required for the documented approach and strategies of your organization

Conduct a poll

Then, review the documentation for your administration structure to ensure that the consistency requirements have been met.


Perform an audit

The inspector verifies that the organization is operating as it should be based on its documentation, the examiner of the authoritative body identifies non-compliances, and finally, the reviewer allows the non-compliances to be corrected. Then, according to the report, evaluate the execution technique.

Corrective Action

Corrective action must be taken if there is any dissimilarity.


Your representatives will double-check work instructions.

the documented approach and strategies of your organization

prior to supervising the execution process

Certification is provided.

The Certification Body will issue a compliance certificate that will be valid for an extended period of time.

Surveillance Audit

The purpose of the surveillance review is to ensure that the organization complies with the requirements of the administrative framework. An observation evaluation must be completed every six months or one year after the certificate is issued.

Cost of GMP Certification 

According to the Food and drug administration, the cost of an amendment varies depending on the size of the company (less than 20 employees) and the number of employees (more than 20, but lesser than 500 employees). Typically, it is determined by the size of the company.

Benefits of having GMP Certification

  • and certifying GMP or cGMP can provide a facility/company/organization with the following benefits, among others: Establishes that the organization is adhering to WHO or FDA guidelines, as well as local nationalized standards and guidelines.
  • Maintains hygiene and cleanliness standards throughout the manufacturing and logistics chains.
  • Documents (e.g., manuals, procedures, standard operating procedures, operational controls, risk assessments, regulatory compliances, etc.) and records for evidence are examples of good documentation practices.
  • Design and operation of Medical Devices, IVD products/items, Medicines/Drugs/pharmaceuticals, active pharmaceutical ingredients, Diagnostics products/items, and Food items, including management of processes and products.
  • Establishes personnel competence (including technical competence).
  • Establishes the Organization's system for dealing with Non-Conformities and Complaints, including proper reporting to Regulatory bodies as needed.
  • Reduction Cost reduction and best possible resource utilization
  • Proof of Safe and High-Quality Products and Items
  • All international, national, and local regulations must be followed.
  • Increases customer assurance, rapport, and trust.
  • International Market Entry
  • Within the organization, there is a professional culture.
  • Complaints, fines, product returns, re-processing, rejections, non-conformities, and claims are all reduced.

 How to get GMP Certification 

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Conduct Gap Analysis to find any Shortcomings from the standard requirements.


Policies, procedures, Work Instructions, Evidences, Records, Training


Conduct frequent internal audit and management review meeting.


Apply corrective actions on the identified root cause or shortcomings






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