RoHS Certification in USA

ROHS certification in USA is one of the certification which is based on certifying the products which is similar to the European conformity. The major difference between both the certification is that European conformity focuses more on the testing of the product on into and performance whereas within ROHS certification it focuses more on restrictions of hazardous substances to be used during manufacturing process with which the end product will turn up hazardous to the end user on using the manufactured product. The standard has been evolved from the European conformity which is a standard which has been published by European regulations. ROHS certification Services in New York is one of the mandatory requirements if you are planning to export your products into European markets. This is one of the regulatory and statutory requirement on the manufactured electrical and electronics component. You might see the logo of ROHS on the back side of the product or on the packaging material which means to say that the product has been manufactured on the basis of restrictions on the hazardous substances. ROHS in San Francisco is also frequently known as Lead free standard which means to say lead is the most hazardous substances which is strictly prohibited to be used during the manufacturing process.

ROHS registration services in Los Angeles specify the requirement on frequently monitoring your process with which you can identify if there are any of the hazardous substances used during the manufacturing process. Standard specify the requirement on frequent checking on internal audit keeping the agenda of identifying if any of the hazardous substances has been used which will turn the produced product unsafe for the user and which might lead to the legal issues. In European markets health and safety issues of the end users are highly concerned by all of the regulatory bodies. ROHS registration in US specifies the requirement on some of the hazardous substances like lead, Mercury, Cadmium etc to be used on the manufacturing process. Has there is an increased demand and opportunities for all of the electrical and electronic manufacturing companies to sell their product in the European market there is an increased demand for this certification as well. It is one of the standards with safeguards your business or your product from the legal issues which might pop out in future from the unsafe products being manufactured and it was one of the cause for health and safety issues within the European regulation.

ROHS certification consultant in San Francisco should be the right person whom you should contact and work as a Consulting partner on this standard requirement as it is one of the critical areas to be focused on.2002/75/EC is the directive which is applicable for this standard as per the EU regulation. Standard specifies the requirement of documenting all of your process and also those do’s and don’ts on hazardous substances to be documented in the form of diagram and to be mounted on the manufacturing unit so that skilled and unskilled employees are aware on not to use the hazardous substances. ROHS consultant in US should make sure that all the necessary competency and skills to be provided to the resources who are allocated by the management in order to adopt the standard across there process. The standard specifies the requirement on technical file which is nothing but the documentation of the product specification with which you should clearly mention the prohibition of the hazardous substances. ROHS audit services in Los Angeles is always preferred to be conducted by an independent third party certification body with which you can increase your brand value and reputation in market.

What are the benefits from the standard?

  • ROHS consulting Services in New York help companies to increase the corporate images which help to compete with your competitors.
  • ROHS consulting in San Francisco will help manufacturing companies to eliminate the hazardous substances to be used to which will help to safeguard the business from future risk.
  • ROHS consultancy services in Los Angeles helps companies to increase the sales margin by increased sales from repeated customer are the existing customer.
  • ROHS consultancy in New York helps companies to increase our confidence within the customers with which marketing expenses will be reduced and the satisfying to customers shall provide the references from the network.

How to get certified for ROHS certification?

We are one of the one stop solution providers for all of the product certification with which you can make sure that you can easily export the product into European markets or all other international markets. Our experienced consultant is always ready to help our customers based on the basis of customer availability. We are available 24/7 in order to assist you in all of the certification requirements and queries. At least we promise to give the online assistance in the worst case where the consultant is not able to reach you. With us ROHS certification cost in US is always reasonable and feasible for all of our customers across every country. We can deliver our Consulting Services across 30 different countries which makes us unique compared to others. You are one of the result oriented consulting companies with which we assure hundred percent guarantee on your certification.

Our advice, go for it!!!

If you are planning to export your product to European market and the customs are demanding for this certification within minimum time duration and you are very much confused on how to get ROHS certification in USA with the stipulated time duration. You can always rely on us as we are one of the recognized and worldwide famous consulting companies who can help you to get your business certified with minimal effort and time duration. You can write to us at [email protected] with all your certification requirements along with the time duration with which you need to get your product certified. In the meanwhile you can visit our official website at so that you can send us the customer inquiry by filling up the form made available on the website. One of our consultants will contact you immediately in order to understand more about your certification requirement and help you to get certified with minimal efforts and time duration.


How much does an ROHS Certificate cost in the USA?

Cost of ROHS certification depends on various factors such as application, initial audit, gap assessment , testing and documentation.Send your requirements to [email protected] to get ROHS certification at the best price in the market. n

What are the benefits of ROHS Certificate services in the USA?

ROHS Certification has many benefits such as it gives detailed instructions to reduce the number of hazardous chemicals used in manufacturing of electrical and electronic components.It enhances the revenue of the organization as ROHS is a globally recognized certification n

How to get ROHS Accreditation in the USA?

Email us at [email protected] to get ROHS accreditation by our team of ROHS certification experts at an affordable price

Who needs an ROHS Certificate in the USA?

ROHS certification is required for companies that manufacture and distribute electric and electronic components,toys,lighting, home appliances e.t.c .ROHS certification is necessary for companies to get new clients and more business opportunities as it is an internationally recognized certification.n

Which is the best ROHS consultancy in the USA?

Certvalue is the best ROHS consultancy .Our ROHS consultation process is simple and meets your ROHS requirements in a cost-effective way.n

Why do businesses need ROHS Registration in the USA?

ROHS registration is needed to gain the trust of the consumers, stakeholders ,wholesalers and retailers.ROHS registration also enhances the business potential and helps the companies get more business opportunities

How to get ROHS consultants in the USA ?

Email us at [email protected] to get in touch with the top ROHS consultants as we have more than 10 years experience and have completed more than 1000 projects.n

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