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Certvalue is a professional leading ROHS consultant in Malaysia which has provided ROHS Certification in Malaysia, Cameroon Highlands, George, Tioman Island, Mount Kinabalu, Langkawi, Penang, Malacca, Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur and other major cities in Malaysia and other major cities in Malaysia. Do you want import/export your product or your product want get certified under ROHS or Are you looking to get Product certification in Malaysia? then we will help you on this. ROHS Certification in Malaysia is found to be the most sought after certification requirement to be compliant with the EU directive and to be a competitive edge in market. Malaysia officially called as Federation of Malaysia is located in Southeast Asia. The infrastructure and the urbanization of the city is well developed with city full of leaning skyscrapers and a Petron as twin towers is one of the major tourist attraction. The economy of Malaysia set to be newly industrialized market economy. Electronic products, Petroleum, products, mining, agriculture, are the major business sectors of Malaysian country. Economy of Malaysia is expected to grow at a faster rate. It is no doubt that Product Certification in Malaysia is in high demand. Because every industries and business sectors are seeking for a long term sustainability in the market.

What is ROHS?

ROHS in Malaysia – Restriction of Hazardous Substances is a compliance specific to the electronics and electronic industries and also sometimes electrical product producing organisations. ROHS certification in George can better implement the directive. The requirement is very simple that the hazardous substances which will readily affect the environment and the people surrounding it has to be restricted in the electronics usage for the product being produced and manufactured by an electronics and electrical business activities oriented industries point it was established by European Union by a directive of 2002/95 /EC with effect to the health and safety protection for the consumers of the product being sold in New Market. ROHS consultant in Malaysia is a better helpful source. It was fully implemented and came into existence by effective operations from European Union in 2006. In fact ROHS Services in Malaysia is a directive and not regulation. ROHS consultant service in Klang will provide end to end solution. It is a directive established as a legislative act which requires member states of European Union to achieve zero hazardous substances in the Production and Manufacturing and also selling and marketing activities of electronic and electrical products and components which are consumed by the common people of the state and thus preventing the damage to the surrounding environment. ROHS consulting service in George Town is required because, ROHS is directly connected with the waste electrical and electronic equipment directive simply called as WEEE, which articulates the collection, recycling and safe recovery of the electrical goods to avoid the release of any toxic of hazardous substance to the environment.

ROHS Certification identification:

There might be a confusion among the manufacturers and sellers of the product whether to show or is there any need for a company to place a marker seal on the product to show it is compliant with ROHS requirements. The answer is simply No. ROHS certification in Kuala Lumpur will clear the queries and rise a solution. There is no absolute requirement that the ROHS label or mark or seal should be placed on the product being sold but it is a best practice for an organization to show that their products are compliant with the ROHS regulations. ROHS certification cost in Malaysia is worth investing.

Packaging of the product need to be compliant with ROHS?

There is no such regulatory requirement of the ROHS approach for the packaging material to be complaint with the other ROHS requirements. ROHS Services in Malaysia could be an helping hand. But it is highly suggested to consider the packaging material is free from Hazardous substances which might be a big problem during the disposal of the material. Because the consumer once buy a product will never worry about the disposal of tea packaging material used. ROHS Service in Malaysia will ensure compliance with all the requirements. The organisation and the employees of the organisation should at least know what is a packaging material used. So it is the responsibility of organisation to take care that the packaging material does not involve any kind of hazardous materials which might cause damage to the safety of environment and also the consumer.
So, then it is clear that the ROHS Certification Services  in Kuala Lumpur is a basic necessary approach for any organization involved in management and procedures and also sales of the electronics and electronic products. ROHS registration in Malaysia will help your organization certified.

How to get ROHS Consultant in Malaysia?

If you are looking how to get ROHS certification in Malaysia Please do not hesitate a bit in contacting Certvalue which is a leading global organization providing excellent service to their customers by providing end to end solution for the organization of the customers to be compliant with the regulatory of ROHS. It is an easy process of ROHS registration in Malaysia with the help of Certvalue. You can easily reach Certvalue by simply visiting www.certvalue.com where you can chat with an expert or you can also write an enquiry to contact@certvalue.com so that one of our expert shall contact you at the earliest to provide best possible solution available in the market.


How much does an ROHS Certificate cost in Malaysia?

Cost of ROHS certification depends on various factors such as application, initial audit, gap assessment , testing and documentation.Send your requirements to contact@certvalue.com to get ROHS certification at the best price in the market.

What are the benefits of ROHS Certificate services in Malaysia?

ROHS Certification has many benefits such as it gives detailed instructions to reduce the number of hazardous chemicals used in manufacturing of electrical and electronic components.It enhances the revenue of the organization as ROHS is a globally recognized certification n

How to get ROHS Accreditation in Malaysia?

Email us at contact@certvalue.com to get ROHS accreditation by our team of ROHS certification experts at an affordable price.n

Who needs an ROHS Certificate in Malaysia?

ROHS certification is required for companies that manufacture and distribute electric and electronic components,toys,lighting, home appliances e.t.c .ROHS certification is necessary for companies to get new clients and more business opportunities as it is an internationally recognized certification.

Which is the best ROHS consultancy in Malaysia?

Certvalue is the best ROHS consultancy .Our ROHS consultation process is simple and meets your ROHS requirements in a cost-effective way.

Why do businesses need ROHS Registration in Malaysia?

ROHS registration is needed to gain the trust of the consumers, stakeholders ,wholesalers and retailers.ROHS registration also enhances the business potential and helps the companies get more business opportunities. n

How to get ROHS consultants in Malaysia ?

Email us at contact@certvalue.com to get in touch with the top ROHS consultants as we have more than 10 years experience and have completed more than 1000 projects.nn

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