ISO 22000 Certification Muscat

How will ISO 22000 certification in Muscat helps all the food industry to eliminate the food safety issues? Muscat is one of the largest metropolitan city and capital of Sultanate of Oman which is one of the developed Cities in Arabian countries or gulf. Due to drastic growth country there is increased number of tourist coming within the country from various parts of the world and due to drastic growth in industrialization people across the globe are coming down to Muscat in search of a job. Due to both the factors increased in tourism and increased industries there is a high growth for food industries across the country. But one of the major challenges faced by the industries is food safety issue which can only be eliminated by implementing ISO 22000 certification.

What is ISO 22000 certification?

Is an International standard written and published by international organization for standardization specifies the requirement of food safety management system. Standard specifies to identify the entire food safety hazard in all the phases of life cycle. After identifying the hazard a standard specifies all the food industry to have the control over the hazard which might pop out in future keeping the food safe from danger. Standard specified to give training for all the employees who are involved in food processing on prerequisite programs and operational prerequisite program making sure that all the employees are aware on food safety.

What are the benefits of ISO 22000 certification?

  • One of the major benefit of the standard is that is eliminate the food safety hazard which makes the food free from danger and safely consumed.
  • To win any of the government tenders in food sector it is very mandatory for all the organization to have this certification.
  • It increases the customer trust towards your organization and process resulting in increased sales and profit.
  • The standard and you are organized brand value to be recognized globally resulting in international business opportunities.

How to get ISO 22000 certification in Muscat?

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