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Certvalue is a professional leading CE consultant in Qatar for Providing CE Certification in Qatar, Doha, Lusail, Ras Laffan, Ad Dawhah al Jadidah, Abu az zuluf, Abu Thaylah, Al Rayan, Al Wakra and other major cities in Qatar. Do you want export your product or your product want get certified under CE or Are you looking to get Product certification in Singapore? then we will help you on this.Off course! It is an Era of competition with the ever changing demand for the products in the local and international market. But the question is about how coexistence and sustainability is a possibility? The solution is so simple. The bottom-line of any company and its existence is gross profit. So, the only source of profit is valuable customers. And it is a sole responsibility of the company to meet the changing demand in the market. The one stop solution is CE Mark certification in Qatar which is requirement for exporting product to the European market. Product Certification in Qatar (CE) originated in 1985 as an abbreviation of Conformists Europeans, meaning European Conformity. It seems be a milestone to get a CE Mark for your product. But the problem is people are not aware of Product Certification in Qatar and its process. Following are the principles of CE Mark:

  • CE Mark in Qatar is a product certification rather than a process certificate.
  • CE certificate emphasizes about the safety of the product and not the quality of the product.
  • It is one of the basic requirement for a product to be affixed with CE Mark to enter European Economic area(EEA).
  • The manufacturer or an authorized representative should sign a Declaration of conformity.
  • To state a Declaration of conformity, it is mandatory to perform conformity assessment.
  • Conformity assessment is an activities conducted like testing, inspection, auditing, accreditation etc.. to be conducted by a manufacturer with the help of CE Mark certification consultant in Qatar to show that the product indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA).
  • Manufacturer or an authorized representative should meet all the requirements of community harmonized legislation.
  • Since the product are changing everyday according to the market demand, it is highly recommendable to go with CE Mark consultant in Qatar such that the Product directive assigned should be appropriate to all the upcoming product to meet all the requirements of European Committee for standardization.
  • Product Directives are nothing but a set of technical specifications documented as a standard to meet the legal and other requirements.
  • Different type of products have different Product directives established by European Committee for standardization like CEN, CENELEC etc.. (CEN stands for European Committee for standardization and CENELEC stands for European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization).
  • It is well known that any product bearing CE Mark not only has access to enter the market of all the country member of European Union but also brand value to enter international market.
  • One should not really worry about the Cost of CE Mark certification in Qatar because it is a marketing tool to enter the global market without any restrictions.
  • CE mark Registration in Qatar increases customer trust upon your product.

These are the general concepts of CE Mark. Well before. Let’s see what are the countries requires CE Mark:

  • Any country expected to export its product to European Economic Area mandatory requires CE Mark on it. If the space constraints are a problem, the Mark should be present on the packing as it is mandatory.
  • CE marking is mandatory for all the products within the European Economic Area including Switzerland and Turkey. The manufacturer of the product must ensure that goods with CE Mark conform to standards.
  • CE is a mandate not only to the countries other than Europe but also 28 countries of European Union itself.

There are also some of the basic characteristics of CE according to legislation like the size of CE Mark certification in Ras Laffan should be at least 5 mm, If the design and appearance of the product do not allow to affix the CE Mark on it then it should be attacked on the packaging or on related document, And a CE Mark certification consultant in Doha can help you and assist you regarding the same. Every product affixed with CE Mark possess Unique identification number which needs to be attached on back side of the CE logo and it should be done with help of CE Mark consultant in Doha in order to avoid any legislative issues. Because the European Committee for standardization has created and published many Directives called product Directives. There are many different directives relating to the type of product being produced like Machinery directive, low voltage directive, Medical devices directive etc.. It is the job of manufacturers or authorized representative to identify and define the most appropriate directive to their product type. The product Directives defined should be appropriate to the type of product being produced according to the community harmonized legislation and violation of the same even without sense of knowledge would be liable to the legal actions and the cost due to fine or penalties would be huge or sometimes lead to company layoff too where as comparing the Cost of CE Mark certification in Doha is very minimal or negligible. Having said that the Cost is negligible it is very important to think about the advantage and the return of investment. Today any form of business organization likely to spend huge amount of its monetary fund on advertising and branding the product being produced. Instead it an easy path and CE Mark can be used as a very good marketing tool to generate the business.

The CE Mark certification in Doha not only helps exporting the product to European Economic Area but also has a huge advantages to be competent in the market. Simple Analogy of product being affixed with CE Mark and the other without CE Mark says that people tend to believe and have inclination towards the product with CE marking. And winning customers is the bottom-line line of any business organization. So, the manufacturer can certainly certify his product with the help of CE Mark certification consultant in Al Rayyan. This where the difference lies between a failure in business and a successful company. One should always try to continually improve the business by investing in the right thing which can guarantee the Return of investment. The Cost of CE Mark certification in Lusail is reasonable and affordable when compared to the intensity of the business the standard could generate for your company. It gives a good brand value to your product and manufacturing company itself. No doubt one can certify his product himself but the violation of the legal time requirements would be miserable for the manufacturers and this is the reason it is highly recommendable to hire a third party or CE Mark consultant in Al Rayyan to face and pass all the legal requirements of community harmonized legislation set by European Committee for standardization. It is not only about entering the European market but also to keep the company’s brand value, credibility, status high in the market and the CE Mark itself can act as a brand promoting media. It avoids the huge budget allocated as an investment to advertising and marketing. Knowing the tremendous advantages of the CE Mark one should be wise enough to make solicit decision to improve his business and witness the drastic growth.

How to get CE Mark Certification in Qatar?

And if you are looking how to get CE Mark certification in Qatar? We can help you out in providing end to end solution in order to get CE Mark affixed to your product. Certvalue is a leading global company providing consultation and certification services to different domains with the knowledge of expertise. You can visit www.certvalue.com or also you can write an enquiry to contact@certvalue.com So that one of our expert shall contact you at the earliest to assist you and provide best possible solution in the market.


How much does a CE Mark certificate cost in Qatar ?

CE Mark certifies that the product meets the directives set by the European Union. The cost depends on the product type and certification procedure. For more assistance, share your requirements to contact@certvalue.comn

What are the Benefits of obtaining a CE mark certificate in Qatar ?

The CE mark is a globally recognized certificate. Products that contain CE Mark can be easily sold in the European Economic Area.n

Who needs a CE mark in Qatar ?

The CE mark is required for various products that are sold in the European Economic Area . It is necessary for products such as electrical equipment, machines, medical devices, toys, pressure equipment, PPE, wireless devices, and construction products.n

Which is the best CE mark Consultancy in Qatar ?

Certvalue is the best CE Mark consultancy. Our method of CE Mark consultation is simple and we will provide CE Mark consultation in a cost effective mannernn

Why do businesses need a CE mark consultant in Qatar ?

The CE Mark consultation is needed for the companies to make sure that the products comply with the rules and regulations set by the European Union. Products that possess CE Mark can be easily sold in the European Union.n

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