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Certvalue is the leading professional CE Mark Consultant in Afghanistan, providing CE mark Certification in Afghanistan, Kabul, Jalalabad, Kandahar, Mazari Sharif, Herat, Charikar, Taleqan. Do you want Import/export your product or your product want get certified under CE or Are you looking to get Product certification in Afghanistan? then we will help you on this and providing product certification in Afghanistan to all Manufacturing and trade industries. CE Mark certification in Afghanistan is one of the product certification which specifies a requirement on European conformity. This is one of the mandatory standard which has to be certified on certain product which needs to be exported to European market due to which it is also known as passport to Europe. This is one of the stringent standard with define the requirement on in to end testing of the product before certifying that it is compliant with the standard requirement. The test and certification shall be based out of different classes which are available for each product. Especially the medical product which needs to be exported to European markets has to undergo strict test and based on the test reports the product has to be certified. CE mark certification  in Afghanistan has two different sections which has to be considered during the certification which are applicable directives based on classification of the product and testing standards around the directives. To verify whether the product is complaint with the standard requirement you can check the backside of any of the product if you could find the logo it means to say that it is compliant with the standard requirement. It is the sole responsibility of the manufacturer that the product is defect free and safe to be used by the end user. CE mark Certification in Afghanistan has a increased requirement for this certification due to increased demand within the European Markets and increased profit on exporting it to the EU countries.


CE mark registration services in Jalalabad should undergo on the below mentioned sections:

  • The product has to be classified based on the type of product being manufactured as per the EU regulations. Classification of product is one of the major aspects on which the testing will be conducted. So it has to be carefully evaluated on which classification your manufactured products falls into place.
  • Identification of applicable directives based on the product classified. To know more about the applicable directives which are available in EU regulations you can reach out to their official website to know more about it. Some of the examples of directives are
  1. 2000/9/EC – Cable way installations
  2. 2014/35/EU – Low Voltage (LVD)
  3. 2006/42/EC – Machinery (MD)
  4. 93/42/EEC – Medical devices (MDD)
  5. 2014/30/EU – Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Once the directives have been identified, you should identify the applicable testing CE mark Certification in Afghanistan standards on each of the directives which are made available in the EU regulation website. Some of the examples on the testing standards are mentioned below:
  1. EN 61800-5-2:2007 – Adjustable speed electrical power drive systems
  2. prEN 50059:2011 – Electrostatic hand-held spraying equipment
  3. FprEN 62841-3-1:2014 – Electric Motor-Operated Hand-Held Tools, Transportable Tools and Lawn and Garden Machinery – Safety
  • After selecting the testing standard your product needs to complete the technical documentation on each of the product specification which is one of the standard requirements. To document the technical requirement expertise is required in order to document into and on the specification of the product.
  • Based on the declaration of conformity provided by the manufacturer third party certification body shell certified product on the European conformity. After complying with the standard requirement you are supposed to at the CE Certification in Kabul logo on the product and the packaging material. EU regulation should be kept notified on any of the change in technical documentation which is one of the mandatory requirements.

European conformity can be achieved by one of the three modes as mentioned below:

  1. Self-declaration – this standard has been beautifully drafted that the manufacturer only can self-declared the product that it is free from danger and it can be used safely by the end user.
  2. Third party certification on non-notified body certification – this is one of the frequently obtained modes to get your products certified which is cost and time effective. It is one of the next levels after self-declaration. Based on the self-declaration provided by the manufacturer third party certification body will issue the certification as compliant to the standard requirement. To have a better brand value in market this is always preferred then the self-declaration of self-certification.
  3. Notified body certification – this is one of the mode of getting your product certified where your product will be tested in to end on the applicable directives and test standards. Post clearing the test, technical document would be filed based on which the product will be certified. This is one of the costliest way to get your product certified in order to export your product into European markets.

CE mark audit services in Kandahar will make sure that there is no loophole left behind which might exploit the vulnerability in the system leading to unsafe product for the end user to be used. The consultant of CE mark certification  in Afghanistan would be the right person having the vast experience in implementing the standard requirement who can help to understand whether your product needs to get certified or not before exporting to the European market. Having the vast experience it would be very easy to document on the technical documentation required as per the standard requirement.CE mark consultant in Kabul should help you to increase the competency level on the European conformity standard by which you can keep monitoring the product performance deviation to which you can take the necessary action items to mitigate the non-conformity.

What are the advantages from the CE mark in Jalalabad standard?

  • CE consultancy services in Kabul helps to increase the brand value in market resulting in which it can be easily exported to European market.
  • CE Consultancy in Kabul will increase or boost up the confidence level within the customer which helps to get the targeted sales target to be achieved.
  • CE Mark Certification in Afghanistan helps you to attract the customers towards your product been sold out in European markets has it Act as an inbound marketing pulling the customer towards your product keeping you are competitors behind you.
  • CE consulting in Kabul will help you to get the product orders from the government sectors as well.

We are one of the best CE consulting services which is globally recognized we have an excellent consultants who provide the exact solution for the problems which we are facing and we always work for the customer’s requirements so based on the requirements we take the necessary actions and understand the problems and provide the solutions to them. It increases the business  for the products which are bearing CE mark certification can be traded in European economic area without any restrictions, so in this way it helps the product to be sold without any problems and increase its marketing capacity. So CE mark Consultants in Afghanistan give you the better Advisers and also the best solution for the product to be effective and meet the requirements of the CE . The consumers who are using CE certified products will enjoy the same level of health that there will be no contamination or any defects in the products and it also will be safety with the same environmental conditions within the entire European economic area.

How to get certified for CE mark certification in Afghanistan?

We are one of the market leaders on product certification across the world with having certification Consultants with extreme knowledge on the Standard requirement and worst experience in working with multiple products and companies in helping them to get certified which will make sure that your product will be certified at affordable and minimum cost. We have achieved hundred percent track record of success in helping our customers to get their products certified which makes us unique compared to our competitors. With us the cost  of CE mark certification in Afghanistan is always feasible and minimal for all of our customers which make us better consultants to be hired to get your product certified.

How to get CE mark Certification Consultants in Afghanistan?

If you have the requirement to get your product certified and you are confused how to get it certified or who will help you in order to get your product certified in this case you are at the right place with the right consultant who can help you to get your product certified as we are one of the one stop solution provider for all of your CE mark certification in Afghanistan requirement. You have to just write to us at contact@certvalue.com or visit our official website at www.certvalue.com in order to understand about us and our services being provided to the customers across 30 countries in 20 different standards. You can provide your contact information to our help desk personnel who are available 24/7 to assist you on your certification requirements and queries so that they can make an arrangement for call back from our Consulting expert immediately in order to understand about your product and the certification requirement in order to provide best available solution in market.

How much does a CE Mark certificate cost in Afghanistan?

CE Mark certifies that the product meets the directives set by the European Union.The cost depends on the product type and certification procedure. For more assistance, share your requirements to contact@certvalue.comn

What are the Benefits of obtaining a CE mark certificate in Afghanistan?

The CE mark is a globally recognized certificate. Products that contain CE Mark can be easily sold in the European Economic Area.nn

Who needs a CE mark in Afghanistan?

The CE mark is required for various products that are sold in the European Economic Area . It is necessary for products such as electrical equipment, machines, medical devices, toys, pressure equipment, PPE, wireless devices, and construction products.nn

Which is the best CE mark Consultancy in Afghanistan?

Certvalue is the best CE Mark consultancy. Our method of CE Mark consultation is simple and we will provide CE Mark consultation in a cost effective mannernn

Why do businesses need a CE mark consultation in Afghanistan?

The CE Mark consultation is needed for the companies to make sure that the products comply with the rules and regulations set by the European Union.Products that possess nCE Mark can be easily sold in the European Union.n

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