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The letters “CE” are the abbreviation of French phrase “Conformité Européene” which is literally means “European Conformity”. Initially the term used was “EC Mark” and it was officially replaced by “CE Marking” CE Mark certification consultants in Tumkur on a product is a manufacturer’s declaration that the product complies with the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislation and in practice they are called Product Directives. The CE mark Certification consultants in Tumkur ensures the free movement of the product within the EFTA & European Union (EU) single market (including totally 30 EEA* countries).

Product Directives contains essential requirements or performance levels and harmonized standards. Harmonized standards are technical specifications which are established by several European standard agencies. It also indicates to governmental officials that the product may be legally placed on the European market. CE mark Certification consultants in Tumkur can be affix only by the manufacturer or his authorized representative. The affixing of CE marking, the manufacturer indicates that he takes responsibility for the conformity of the product with all applicable requirements. If anything happens he is the sole responsible for the consequences.

CE Mark certification consultants in Tumkur involves self-certification. CE mark consultants in Tumkur of Retailers sometimes refer to products as “CE approved”, but the mark does not actually signify approval. Who has the responsibilities of using CE marking namely EU-based manufacturer, the importer or distributor of a product made outside the EU, or an EU-based office of a non-EU manufacturer?

The manufacturer must carry out before signing the declaration like conformity assessment should set up technical file for the product.  Importers of product to verify that the manufacturer outside the European Union has to be undertaken certain necessary steps and documentation whenever available open request. Distributors must be able to demonstrate to the national authority that they have taken care and the manufacturer or importer that they have taken necessary measures.

CE mark Certification consultants in Tumkur is Importers or distributors market the products under their own name they have to take all the responsibilities of the manufacturing in case if there is sufficient information on design and production of the product they have to take all the legal responsibility of CE marking. The manufacturer or authorized representative decides with the product which all the CE marking requirements depending on the level of risk of the product the CE marking is affixed to a product.

The manufacturer can send a declaration that the product can be self-certified. If the product has a minimum risk and he has to give the declaration of conformity of his all product. CE mark consultants in Tumkur of products considered to have a greater risk have to be independently certified by a notified body. The notified body decides whether the product has passed or not as they carry out test labs listed in the directives.  A manufacturer can choose its own notified body in any member state of European Union but it should be independent of the manufacture and private sector organization or government agency. The CE mark has to be affixed by the manufacturer or authorized representative according to its legal format visibly, legibly and indelibly to the product. CE mark must be at least 5mm of the size.

How to get CE Mark Certification Consultants in Tumkur?

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