ISO Certification in Bahrain

ISO Certification in Bahrain

ISO certification in Bahrain is the most prominent and important certificate to run a successful business. The impact of market on the company without ISO certification is worse and it is mandatory requirement to sustain in the domestic and global market for long term. Bahrain is one of the economic giant in the Middle East. Bahrain was named the world’s fastest growing financial center by the City of London’s Global Financial Centers in 2008. Due to the drain in oil and underground resources, Bahrain has diversified its business activity to a larger phase. This is the reason ISO in Bahrain is in high demand for any company or organization to sustain in the market.

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What is ISO certification?

ISO – International organization for standardization is a non-profit, non-governmental organization having its central secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland with a membership of 163 nationalized countries. It is the most recognized organization all over the globe developing and publishing standards for many sectors covering almost all the domains helping in maintaining the standard and uniformity by all the companies and organizations all over the globe. ISO consultant service in Bahrain is a solution to unify the process using Standards. ISO helps in sharing knowledge, provides solution helps facing challenges and keeps the companies or organizations under one loop by unified with the standard. ISO has published 21000+ standards till date among which ISO 9001, 27001, 14001, 22000, 50001, 13485, 17025 are some of the most popular and prominent ISO standards.

Who needs ISO certification in Bahrain?

ISO certification is a standard for any company or organization in need of a management system standard to streamline the process internal to the organization. Any organization can get certified with ISO irrespective of its size and nature of business. But it is important to choose ISO standard appropriate to the type or nature of business an organization is up to. ISO consultant in Manama can help choosing the appropriate standard. A company can choose to adapt the appropriate standard based on the requirements. Company concerned about quality can adapt quality management system, company concerned about securing information and data can adapt information security management system, company concerned about environment surrounding it can adapt environmental management system and the list goes on. There are ISO certification in Bahrain to provide standard for almost all the industrial sectors and different domains.

How to get ISO certification in Bahrain?

The only job of ISO organization is to develop and publish standards. ISO itself will not involve in the business activities of issuing the certificates for companies. ISO audit service in Manama is the right point of contact to get connected with the ISO certification bodies. It is not required to contact ISO organization directly whisk is not a good idea. ISO certification instead is a third party certification from a consultant based company. Implementation and certification process is very simple and easy by approaching knowledgeable, experienced and professional ISO certification in Bahrain. Any company choose to get certified with ISO should undergo the requirements in accordance with the respective standard. Requirements shall be documents, training, audit and many more depending on the standard a company is about to certified.

Benefits of ISO Certification in Bahrain :
  • Brand value and credibility of the company is increased.
  • To comply with the legal, statute and regulatory requirements.
  • Eligibility to bid or participate in any tenders whether it is government or private sector.
  • It can be used as good marketing tool.
  • ISO consulting service in Bahrain is a solution to many internal problems of an organization such as employee retention, job satisfaction, customer satisfaction etc..
  • Cost of ISO in Bahrain is actually a tool to reduce the cost due to marketing and advertising.
  • ISO certification in Bahrain helps process or day in and day out activities performed internal to organization is streamlined.
  • Helps achieving process improvement.
  • To gain potential stability in the global market.
  • ISO audit in Bahrain helps to escalate and export business services to the foreign countries.
  • Reduced cost and expenses in many ways.
  • To be excelling among the other companies and it gives competitive edge over competitors.

The benefits of ISO are enormous and the companies should know how to extract all the benefits out of it. One should really think about return of investment when it comes to ISO certification cost in Bahrain. It is also a cost cutting factor when considering the cost saved from marketing and advertising. It’s all about the wisely decision of company willing to win over the competitors in the market.

Pick appropriate types regarding ISO Standards among:

First concerning all, the applicant Should choose the kind concerning ISO Services required for his/her business. There are more than a temperate types regarding ISO certification are accessible certain namely listed below:

  • ISO 9001 Certification- Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001 Certification – Environmental Management System
  • OHSAS 18001 Certification– Occupational Health & Safety Management System
  • ISO 22000 Certification – Food Safety Management
  • ISO 27001 Certification – Information Security Management System
  • ISO 13485-Medical devices yet associated services
  • ISO 17025-Testing and calibration laboratories
  • ISO 50001 Certification – Energy Management
  • ISO 20000-1 Certification – IT Service Management System
  • CE-Mark-European certification in accordance with entire Manufacturing and trade industries
  • HALAL-all Manufacturing and career industries
  • ROHS-specific perilous substances located in electric yet electronic products
  • GMP-quality management standards after entire manufacturing industries
  • HACCP-effective control regarding meals safety
Our Advice, Go for it!

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